Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie is a Solicitor that specialises in Criminal Law and Military Law. Stephanie has attended literally thousands of interviews under caution at the Police Station and the Royal Military Police Station. She is regarded as a highly qualified police station advocate and is usually tasked by the Firm to attend upon those accused of offences of the utmost gravity.

Stephanie qualified in 2013 and is considered a Senior Solicitor. She is routinely complimented by clients for her approachable and helpful nature. Such is Stephanie’s reassuring nature she is often requested by name to attend upon her clients at Court. She is particularly adept at handling cases at the Youth Court.

Stephanie also has an established Magistrates Practice and regularly represents defendants charged with life-changing allegations.

Stephanie is a highly-experience litigator and is known for her painstaking attention to detail. Stephanie is assigned by the Firm to litigate on Crown Court and Magistrates Cases that are described as “Complex Cases”.

Notable Cases:

R v B – Represented a Youth accused of Murder at the police station. He would later be charged with murder as part of a 5-handed trial. He was found Not guilty.

R v C – Represented a male at the police station accused of Rape. The defendant was charged and later acquitted after trial.

R v L – Represented a male at the police station accused of armed robbery. Stephanie secured bail for her client at the Magistrates Court. He was eventually found not guilty at the Crown Court and thanks to Stephanie, never spent a day in custody.


R v J – Represented a male accused of s18 at the police station. He was charged with wounding with intent and acquitted after trial at the Crown Court.

R v J – Represented a male accused of a high-value agricultural fraud. He was eventually charged and acquitted after a lengthy Crown Court Trial

Stephanie Thompson

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